Field Notes 02

After arriving back from Peter Zumthor’s Vals Therme baths and seeing the fresh array of contemporary architecture offered in Lyon, Ronchamp, La Tourette, Weil-am-Rhein, and Basel, my partner and I began to access our memories to introduce an emotional and sensory-driven project to the site.

Based on our experience in Zumthor’s Vals Therme baths and at Hadid’s Fire Station in the Vitra Campus – we wanted to prioritize each user of our building and provide unique paths that would physically or emotionally represent their desires and role. Below, as I recap the program requirements, notice that I provide the user at the end with their first letter bolded. You’ll see why later.

To refresh: our primary program is a fencing facility for Genoa, and requires:

  • 24 dormitories – Fencers
  • 200 seats – Audience
  • 14′ fencing piste – Fencers
  • Circulation access to top, middle, and bottom streets for pedestrians – Audience
  • Training rooms/Gyms – Fencers & Trainers
  • Offices – Trainers

And to recap our conceptual goals, we want to:

  • Merge old with the new
  • Bring in the city and liven up the abandoned alleyway
  • (New idea, shown below) Provide unique experiential paths for each user of the facility

So we began by breaking down the individual characteristics of each user (narrowed down to four):


We prioritized it in that order: 1) Trainers, 2) Fencers, 3) Audience, 4) Chef/Nutritionist, by level of significance and power.

In doing this, we can design various levels of access, entries, and paths based on their priority.

Click the images below to view the description of the diagrams.

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