Understanding The Site: Fencing Facility

Below is a panorama of our site:

You can tell by the distortion that it’s a challenging site to fit into one frame; it’s long and tight, nested between a residential building and an office complex.


Understanding the site and it’s unique conditions was our first task. In total there are 3 different elevations, the highest being at 60m above sea level, dipping down from the old city walls to 20m, then an entrance from the far side of our site at just 9m above sea level.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 3.42.51 PM

The triangular site is bordered by Via XX di Settembre on the Northwest side, and 2 separate avenues that converge on the South side into a rotunda.

There’s a pedestrian and car bridge that leads from the 60m tall wall to the rooftop parking lot on the office building.

The adjacent residential building has a rooftop garden and private pool for one of the inhabiting families.

Our goal is to merge all these connections into our building for a successful pedestrian transit-way. We want all access to all elevations both high and low, so that our building acts as a “bridge” and activates the abandoned alleyway.

We want to amplify the alleyway’s programs and bring in the nearby shopping street into our site. Our ultimate program is a fencing facility for the Genovese fencing team.


This is a view from the top of the bridge that crosses over to the rooftop parking lot on the office building. You can see the old city walls and the arches that we are allowed to excavate through.


These arches are located directly in front of our site. They’re inhabitable and we are allowed to excavate 20m within the walls. On top of the wall is a street with a neighborhood of residential buildings.





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