Hiking to Forte Damante

Hiking to Forte Damante was no easy task. We started off with a short trip up from the funiculare with the whole class, stopping frequently to quench our thirst and embellish in the marvelous views of the city. The port could be seen from anywhere atop the mountain, and we had a picnic next to an abandoned castle. The more difficult trail, which started off with uneven steps on a steep slope, made more than half the class turn back upon first impression.

The rest of us took on the challenge, and it took us 3 full hours to get to the castle. Of course, we took our own pace, and we all split into groups of 3 or 4. The views from Forte Damante were spectacular, to say the least. We learned that Napoleon built this castle as a guard against approaching danger. It was a perfect spot to place the fortification, as it gave 360 views to the coast and the mountainous Ligurian region.

When looking at the path of our hike, shown below, you can see that our trajectory was at the top edges of the mountain range, and that Forte Damante was at the highest point in altitude.

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